Green, for all, forever! An informed community where all our neighbors are respected, valued, engaged, and treated fairly. This often-overlooked aspect of sustainability encompasses inclusion, diversity, and environmental justice by promoting equal access to community resources and opportunities: Improved public transportation, green jobs, and local food options which connect all income levels and cultures. Inclusive planning promotes social and cultural vibrancy.


Our community needs to include transformative voices from the start, including those of community leaders and representatives who directly experience problems rooted in or related to the environment. Green Dubuque seeks to use Collective Social Impactwhich entails listening to diverse perspectives, transparent communications, establishing common goals, sharing knowledge, valuing the unique contributions of all partners, and building creative consensus to move forward with action.


Green Dubuque believes in the ability of every person to be a catalyst for change in creating a resilient community. To this end, Green Dubuque seeks to: build awareness of the important role each of us plays in creating healthy neighborhoods; help our residents to transition from ideas to action; and promote new voices from across our diverse community to contribute to sustainability.


In approaching issues and creating better alternatives, Green Dubuque recognizes the value of all forms of Capital: Natural Capital (services the environment provides); Built Capital (goods and services); Social Capital (friends, family, and community); and Human Capital (our health, values, and experiences). Our goal is to understand the complex linkages between natural, human, and economic systems; and to use actionable data in a triple bottom line approach to develop effective policies for a vibrant, healthy, resilient, more equitable and caring community.

Science-Based Practice

Green Dubuque utilizes a data driven approach to advocacy, using the latest science from multiple disciplines, case studies from other communities, and original analysis to inform our work. Our team combines years of professional experience in renewable energy systems, energy efficiency, pollution prevention, materials management, complete streets planning, local food production, native plants, climatology, wellness, and urban systems management.